Worldwide Sodium Channel Seminars
Edition 2021-2022 - Next Seminar on June 28, 2022.

We are delighted to inform you that the next seminar will be given by Dr Manu Ben-Johny (Columbia University). The title of his talk is "Sodium channelopathies: distinct phenotypes, common mechanisms, and towards shared therapies".


Save the date of June 28, noon (EDT/EST, US East coast),  06:00 pm CEST/CET, Central Europe, for this seminar. 

Meet in before and after the seminar by using these links.


Find below the list of confirmed speakers for the first Edition 2021-2022


The Worldwide Sodium Channel seminars will be held (as much as possible) on the last Tuesday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA) - 06:00 pm Central European Time.