Worldwide Sodium Channel Seminars
Edition 2022-2023 - next seminar on 27th Jun 2023

Dear Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel aficionados,

Voltage-gated sodium channels are the basis of cellular excitability. Most of us learned about their impressively rapid gating during their first physiology classes, including that its quick opening underlies the fast upstroke of the action potential, and its fast inactivation is conveyed by a “ball-and-chain” or “hinged-lid” mechanism within the channel protein.
In recent years, high-resolution CryoEM structures confirmed and challenged some of these fundamental understandings. High-power computer analyses combined with electrophysiology, biochemistry, and more systemic methods expanded our understanding of the structure-function relation of the channels, their role in physiology, and disease.
With this lecture series, we aim to bring together sodium channel researchers worldwide to share their latest findings, engage in discussions, and further our understanding of this fascinating protein family of the human body.

The next seminar will be given by Dr Zhen Yan at 10:00 am (EDT/EST), 4:00 pm (CEST/CET) on 27th Jun 2023. Connect to the seminar here.


Full program page of the current edition 2022-2023. 


You may also check the program page of the previous edition 2021-2022.


We hope that many of you will be attending these seminars and seize this unique opportunity to build a community of sodium channel scientists.

Co-organizers: Prof. Angelika Lampert & Prof. Hugues Abriel with Dr. Jannis Körner & Dr. Oksana Iamshanova.